Week 4...It's hard to say goodbye! 

We started this week with a fantastic trip to the seaside. This is always a highlight and the people of #Bridlington never let us down with their kindness and generosity. We enjoyed some time on the beach, with the sea surprisingly warm and the rain staying away, much of the time was spent jumping over waves and paddling. Dan enjoyed his sand castle building and tried to get the girls involved but we think his architectural plans proved too complicated for them and the dra

Week 1!

Wow....what a week. We've had some gorgeous weather and some very heavy rain and through it all we've carried on the fun and packed in so much! Here is just a quick overview of the things we've got up to this week. Feel free to share this blog with friends and family as well as add your comments. When the girls arrived on Saturday they were a bright and lively bunch compared to some years...the train journey had been enjoyed by all and they weren't too tired from their lon