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Ukraine project 2024

The current situation in Ukraine means an uncertain time for many and, those of us connected with CCLL Sheffield wanted to do something to help. After communication with the CCLL Head Office team we have agreed to support a project within a rural school called Mala Zubivschyna, to improve the conditions in their bomb shelter.  This will allow the school to stay open for children to continue accessing their education and maintain some normality in day-to-day life. 



In order to stay open all schools must have access to a bomb shelter within 500 metres of the main school building.  In it's rural location, Mala Zubivschyna school serves 150 pupils and employs 45 members of staff. Whilst they have access to a shelter the facilities are basic with poor lighting, soil floors and no heating.  We are agreeing to fund the costs for a new electricity supply, new heaters and bio toilets to be purchased and fitted. 



Our hope is to provide a safer, warmer environment for students and teachers to access when required in order to keep the school open within this remote community.  If you would like to support us in this effort please see our 'How to donate page' or visit our Facebook page for further updates. 

Thank you! 

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